Welcome to Elderlemon Design, currently offering some of the most creative cover designs for print and digital books (horror, mystery, thriller, and crime our specialty!) See below for the most recent covers we've done (click on each image for larger versions.)

Cry Wolf website They - website The Red Church Website Bully Website The Mailman - website The Revelation- - website My Name is Marnie Small MortuaryOfMadness website Midnight Paths website DyingActs website December Park Small Ghost Road Blues small Kin website Pulp! - small The Specimen small The Fleshless Man small The Consultant small the remedy small Psychopathia small White - small LINEAGE small The Cliffhouse Haunting small The Consultant LTD small Not Your Average Monster small Dark Vanishings Book 3 - small Dark Vanishings Book 4 - small The Collection small The Exorcism of Sara May small FERROPOLIS - small the literary six small Howard Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret - Digital Side Effects 3 small Chase Baker and the Apocalypse Bomb small Next - Crucible The Awakening The Lonely Mile VYRMIN4 The Kremlyov Infection - Digital Next - Afterburn3 Dark Screams 1 - Final Dark Screams 2 - FINAL Dark Screams 3 Dark Screams 4 Dark Screams 5 Dark Screams 6 - 2 Dark Screams 7 - Final Dark Screams 8 Dusk - Digital Arbor Hill - Digital Dark Screams 9- final Back from the Dead - Digital The Corporation - Digital Graveside Manner Vigilance & Vengeance Mass Hysteria - FINAL2 1 2 3 4 (2) The Collins Widow - Digital The Flower Man Chase Baker Spear 3.5 Dead Works - Digital 2 Waverly Hills Incursion - Digital Vegas Knights Digital 4 Blood Mountain Calamity - Digital The Ocean Dark2 Immaculate - Digital The Folks 2 Arize2 Drago Descending 1 Death Devours All Lovely Things 2 Asylum Seven Ways to Kill Harry - Digital Arkadium Rising Echoes of Violence2 We Live Inside Your Eyes - small The Extortionist Dead of Winter 2018 Sleep in the Dust of the Earth - Digital The Mutiny Girl - Digital2 Infernal Glow - Digital